Phil Alongi is a multiple Emmy Award-winning media executive with over 30 years of network television experience, last serving as Executive Producer of Specials and Politics for NBC News’ highly successful ‘Decision 2008’ coverage. In this capacity, Mr. Alongi oversaw breaking news and political coverage for the NBC network, MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo,, and NBC News Channel. Throughout his career, he has traveled to dozens of countries and has covered such major news events as the 9/11 attacks, both Iraq wars, the death and funeral of Ronald Reagan, the passing of Pope John Paul II and the election of Pope Benedict XVI, Millennium 2000, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, and countless others. Mr. Alongi's innovative approach to covering the world's biggest events is highly respected across the industry. One of the more notable examples of his 'think-outside-the-box' approach is the award-winning design of the NBC News network anchor booth in Chicago at the Democratic National Convention in 1996, which was recognized with an award by the American Institute of Architects and was the envy of his competitors.

In addition to news, Mr. Alongi coordinated with NBCU Entertainment executives and Red Cross officials in producing the Tsunami relief telethon and the Hurricane Katrina telethon. He is a frequently sought-after speaker for various conferences and seminars, and has shared his experience with corporations and universities alike. In 2009, he launched Alongi Media Solutions (AMS), which is quickly becoming a force in the world of media consulting. In his capacity with AMS, he has provided on-site consulting to Tolo TV, Afghanistan’s leading network, in their efforts to cover their country’s presidential election. With his assistance, Tolo/Lemar TV produced and broadcast their first-ever presidential debate and provided extensive campaign and election coverage. He also worked with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation on their historic 2009 presidential election providing insight on how to produce informative and interesting election coverage.  Mr. Alongi was a featured guest speaker in 2009 at the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual trade show in Las Vegas, and was presented on a panel discussing his experience with news-gathering during wars and conflicts.

In 2010, he traveled to Vancouver, B.C. where he was responsible for overseeing NBC News’ coverage of the Winter Olympics. Also in 2010, he was the Executive Producer for the California Gubernatorial Debate moderated by Tom Brokaw; returned to Kabul, Afghanistan to begin a mentoring program with Tolo/Lemar TV News Division; and closed the year producing the Kurdistan Democratic Party Congress in Erbil, Iraq. In 2011, he maintains consultancy with the men and women of Tolo/Lemar TV.


“Phil Alongi is a master at producing big, important television events, as he demonstrated to me time and time again in the three action-packed decades we worked together at NBC.”


Experience Matters.

“TOLO TV’s elections coverage in 2009 and 2010 - hailed universally as exceptional - did much to contribute to the fairness of the democratic process in Afghanistan. Phil Alongi project-managed both endeavours. His tireless efforts, technical expertise as well as people skills have contributed greatly to the establishment of the country’s best news and current affairs team.”